Product Reimbursement and Commercialization

When entering a new market, knowledge of the market and the idiosyncrasies of the payment system is crucial to achieving reimbursement and, ultimately, success. Companies need to assess the coverage and evidence requirements, coding issues and payment for each product across each setting of care. Prior to putting resources into a launch we can help you answer the necessary questions:

  • How will you sell your product?
  • What are the regulatory and reimbursement requirements for selling your product?
  • What clinical, health economic and support resources do you need to be successful?

It is absolutely critical to know the market environment that you’re entering and how your product will be put into service by the end user. Is it designed correctly to fit the use and their expectations? Does the product have value in the market compared with the other products currently available? What is the business model that you have chosen for selling your product in this market? Hull Associates has an experienced team of in-country expert partners available to help with the commercialization of your product. Our entire team has direct industry experience in new product launches and fully understands the reimbursement pathways, key decisionmakers and ways to maximize success. Working together with our clients, we can re-focus business strategies for pharmaceutical, medical device and diagnostic products to achieve maximum reimbursement potential.

Support at All Levels

Hull Associates consists of experienced hands-on experts in reimbursement with the right approach to bring results overseas.

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